Hi, I’m Marcel Hagedoorn.

Entrepreneur & New Business Developer

I’m passionate about startups, innovation, design thinking, talented people,
product- & business development, entrepreneurship and I love to travel and explore the world.

Currently I’m ‘in between’ companies. Working on a cool new product called Mbassador.

working on Mbassador

Let business friends support you in
pursuing your ambitions and achieving your goals


Co-Founder srprs.me

You’ll go wherever you’re meant to go!
The best trips aren’t the ones you plan.
They’re the ones that find you…


Co-Founded Concept7

Design Thinkers and creators of digital products and services with impact.
Design agency since 1999.


Co-Founded De Pijp Groningen

Co-working – & event space in the city center of Groningen.


Cheers, Marcel

Feel free to reach out to me.

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