Co-founder Concept7

Concept7 is a Human Centered Design Agency that makes digital products people love.

I co-founded concept7 together with my four best friends in 1999. We were Highschool boys on a mission: to learn as much as possible & to proof everyone wrong (“5 captains on a ship isn’t possible”). And boy what a journey it has been…

After graduating I was the first fulltimer to chase our dreams. Within two years we all worked fulltime, and had 5 interns as our production team 😉 We grew into a Full-Service Agency of 25 people.

In 2009 we decided to stop being mediocre and chase absolute quality. Plus more personal focus on my mission: learn, learn, learn! So we reorganized (letting people go and stuff) and transformed into one of the first, and soon one of the leading, User Experience Design Agencies in The Netherlands.

In 2013 we were doing just awesome! Great customer & employee satisfaction, and we made a lot of money. That’s when I got a bit bored and unhappy. I didn’t learn as hard as the previous years anymore. So I decided to leave my COO-role, to leave Concept7 and to travel the world.

After my world trip I helped Concept7 several years as shareholder, coach and mentor. In 2017 it was time to sell my shares. Concept7 was 18 years old at that time. A great symbolic moment to leave ‘the parents’, to let her go and have her own life.